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Our Mission

We believe that 2nd year in a Child’s life, is the most important year for his/her growth, when his/ her mental and physical growth is the fastest. He / she can display amazing skill and start thinking logically. So Decent Kids thinks it the right time to introduce him / her to such a conducive environment where he/ she can really develop as a perfect individual. We aim at identifying the hidden potentials in Children, their talent their imagination and their roads to creatively as well as to explore and discover the unlimited path of knowledge and technology.

Decent Kids has formulated such a pattern where one will find a blend of traditional and western culture. With this radical mission, ew are committed to import such education & Culture, which will surely make them an ideal citizen of tomorrow. All children are capable to acquire quality education.. We at Decent Kids provide lend of traditional and western culture. To identify potentials in Children, their talent.

Our Vission

Kids Education of high standard at an affordable cost.

We are a chain of D.S.M. Public Sr. sec. school Nangloi. Our concept and philosophy have emanated from our deep sense of love and affection for the little angels of our country.

Nangloi Extension 2, Block C,
Nangloi Extension, Nangloi,
Delhi, 110041


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