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The Radical Steps

With the objective in preview that Education means “all around drawing out of the best in Child, body and spirit”.
Towards this quintessence of sound Education we strive to take Radical Steps:-

  1. To Channelize the Child’s talent potential.
  2. To inculcate a temper for learning.
  3. To import knowledge in a creative, joyous, adventurous and friendly environment.
  4. To stimulate the Child’s instincts towards physiological, Psychological, sociological and Ethical development.
  5. To develop spiritual moral and ethical values.
  6. To develop a versatile character.
  7. To provide a systemized but non-conventional stress free methods of learning through hand-on activities.

We are a chain of D.S.M. Public Sr. sec. school Nangloi. Our concept and philosophy have emanated from our deep sense of love and affection for the little angels of our country.

Nangloi Extension 2, Block C,
Nangloi Extension, Nangloi,
Delhi, 110041


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